Import & Export

Grow is a specialized company in import production lines, interior claddings, and carpets within required specifications by competitive prices from China and Turkey, to export them around the world in general, especially Arab States.
Moreover, we are following up the required products passing from factory to customs clearance and shipping until they arrive to the specific place.

Visits to China

Being the most powerful economic area in the world, China has a significant rule among businessmen. Accordingly, we are helping our customers to reach their products easily through our partners in China presenting the following services:

  1. Providing commercial invitation to China.
  2. organizing a tour to factories and direct commercial deals with them.
  3. Following the commercial agreements and assuring the required specifications of the products.
  4. Providing a professional interpreter and a commercial escort.
  5. Supplying shipment of samples from factories to international shipping points.

Trade fairs in Turkey

With its geographical and commercial position, Turkey has become a focus of the attention of traders around the world. Also, Turkey has witnessed in recent years a great development in many fields, particularly in economic terms. The Turkish government has sought to increase international and local trade fairs in many cities. Accordingly, Grow Company supports its clients presenting the following services:

  1. Participate in fairs by reserving a stand to present the products.
  2. book a hotel close to the fair.
  3. Providing a professional commercial escort helping you in commercial deals and following up the processes with Turkish factories till shipping and export.
  4. Organizing a tour of the city where the fair takes place.

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